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Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Local Partners

We appreciate business generated by our trusted local partners
FlySafe-Aviation has always been open to work with local partners (companies or private mediators) who have a special knowledge about their territory and local market.
Should you be interested in starting a commission-based partnership, please feel free to contact us.

Flight Schools

We help flying schools to outsource their EASA ATPL theory training
Schools can use our expertise and refer students to our special courses. We cooperate with EASA and non-EASA flight schools world-wide who are willing to outsource their EASA ATPL theory training or ATPL conversion.


Airlines can implement our professional training methods as cadet programs
We provide cadet programs for airlines with the following integrated or modular EASA training options:
PPL Theory, PPL, NVFR, IR, ME, ME/IR, CPL, ATPL Theory and Time Building
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